How to Prevent Peening

When Driving A Ground Rod or Pipe in the Ground

Last Field Day I watched one of the guys drive a five foot pipe in the ground to put a fiber glass mast over. He didn't want to burr the end of the pipe so he put a White Oak 4 X 4 on the end and proceeded to drive the pipe in the ground. When he finished, the oak block was firmly attached to the pipe. He tried to drive it off and succeeded in having many small pieces to pick up, not to mention there was a piece still in the pipe. On the good side, the pipe was not burred.

Now,here is a solution for driving pipes and ground rods without peening or burring. Go to your local hardware or plumbing supply, in my case that is Lowes, and purchase a piece of pipe that the pipe or ground rod you wish to drive fits snugliy into. It should be loose enough that the rod or Pipe will slide inside it, but not overly loose. The pipe should be at least a foot long. Purchase a cap for the pipe too.

Thread the cap on the pipe and place the pipe over the rod or pipe you wish to drive, You can place a ground clamp, loosely, on the rod if you wish. That's it. Put the rod or pipe on the ground where you want it and hit the sleve that you just made till the rod or pipe is in as far as you want it.

Alternate Method

You can weild a piece of pipe on the cap forming a "T" and use both hands to drive the rod or pipe in the ground. This is sort of a "Slide Hammer" but is not as much force as using a maul or sledge hammer.